Rustic Plant Carrier With 6 Buckets

Rustic Plant Carrier With 6 Buckets

Aug 12, 2021

There’s no wrong way to display your plant collection, but there are definitely more creative ways to show off your leafy babies. And that, friends, brings us to creative farmhouse planters… If you’ve only been placing your pots on your at-home office desk, coffee table, and nightstand in simple, run of the mill pots, you might want to try sprucing up your display with this unique, interesting, and beautifully rustic plant carrier! Especially for anyone who lives in an apartment or smaller space. (Or perhaps those who have so many plants that they’ve run out of creative ways to display them.)

This Rustic Plant Carrier With 6 Buckets is a perfect way to display fresh-cut flowers. A wire rack holds the six rustic buckets and a wood and wire handle makes it easy to transport the whole bunch from place to place. Use this set as a whimsical centerpiece that can change with the seasons.

The rustic plant carrier can also be used in conjunction with your farmhouse decor in your living room or any other area where plants are present. You can complete your look with this accessory.

A unique way to display your plants

If you want to add a unique display to your favorite house plants or simply want to make your décor more interesting, then these plant carriers are the way to go! Elevate your decor and add elegance to your space by placing potted plants on top of a plant stand or a pedestal table—especially if it’s made of metal, marble or wood. The rustic look of these containers would make for a stunning display! Depending on how large your plants grow, some can stay in the same pot for years.

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  • Made of metal and wood.
  • Made in USA.
  • Flowers not included.
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 8″ x 11″ H.

$58 – click to buy.



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